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Current Meeting Schedule and Information (Updated 2/19/21)

Sunday AM: Worship services: 9:30am 

Based on the congregation's feedback via survey, masks are not required in the church building.  Social distancing is encouraged but not mandated. Please be respectful of those choosing to wear masks and who desire more space.   The table in the foyer will continue to have masks and hand sanitizer.  We will continue our practice of not passing anything from person to person for the Lord’s Supper and offering. 

It is important to note that if the government returns to a mask requirement for Yellowstone County, so will we.

Sunday PM: We currently do not have any in-person classes at the building. Every other Sunday, we will have a different activity.

(a) Facebook Class: We have a 5:00 pm online class that is streamed on our Facebook Page

(b) Small Groups: Members are assigned to groups which meet at various time and locations. 

Wednesday PM: 7:00pm –  Adult and kids class as the building. The adult class also streams online to our YouTube Page.   


Older posts for reference:

Note sent to congregation (11/20/2020)
We want to share an update on our worship service on Sunday mornings.  We want to continue to emphasize we realize this is a difficult time.     We encourage lots of love, joy, peace … all the fruits of His Spirit – especially patience.  We believe we still have weeks if not months in this environment.
As new mandates came from the state of Montana and Yellowstone County recently, we questioned if we were in compliance with the occupancy requirements.  We made contact with state and county officials to make sure we were reading their directives correctly.   We've confirmed there is not a strict number limit such as 25 or 50 applied to worship.  It is a 50% capacity with social distancing in place.   We believe that with social distancing in the auditorium, our maximum capacity is around 90 people. We had over 90 this last Sunday.  
To stay in compliance we are taking these steps and ask for your cooperation.  We are setting up the downstairs fellowship area to accommodate 20-25 people in a social distancing environment. We’ll have our larger TV set up down there so we can “tune in” to the worship service going on upstairs.  This will be used in an overflow situation only if we determine we are exceeding the capacity in the auditorium. 
Since we don’t know how many people are going to be there any given Sunday, the elder on call will have to make a decision close to the start of worship about using the overflow area downstairs.
If you are willing to use the overflow area downstairs, just let the elder on call know when you arrive for morning worship. That way the elder on call will know if he’s got volunteers to heed that pre-worship need to use the overflow area downstairs.  We view this as a wonderful example of respect for the authorities that visitors and the congregation would see when Christians got up and went downstairs to serve others!
In addition, if you come early and are willing, please consider sitting closer to the front of the auditorium where we have the most room in the pews.  We seek to have some capacity in the back of the auditorium to accommodate late arriving visitors.
Your shepherds


Sunday PM: We currently do not have any in-person classes at the building. Every other Sunday, we will have a different activity.

(a) Facebook Class: We have a 5:00 pm online class that is streamed on our Facebook Page. The Facebook Class will meet in the following dates: Oct 4, 18. Nov 1, 15, 29. Dec 13, 27.

(b) Small Groups: Members are assigned to groups which meet at various time and locations. Small groups will meet on the following dates: Oct 11, 25. Nov 8, 22. Dec 6, 20. 


Wednesday PM: 7:00pm –  Adult and kids class as the building. Masks required. The adult class also streams online to our YouTube Page.   


  • Bulletins are not being printed. They are available on the website. 
  • Feel free to bring your own communion supplies, however communion is available at the building. Please bring your own container to transport the grape juice. If you need assistance, please contact the church offices.
  • Helping Others: if you are aware of a pressing need, please contact Rod Cullingworth.

Recent News, Decisions, and Activities in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Please do not hold any meetings, no matter the size at the church building until further notice with discussing the meeting with the elder on call first.
  • Please mail your contribution checks: PO Box 20871, Billings, MT  59104. You can also give electronically
  • Please contact the elder on call (EOC) with questions. See the on-line bulletin for who is the current EOC.

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  • Monitor this webpage to confirm any date changes and updates to congregational activities.
  • Select updates also posted to the church Facebook Page.
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Note from the Shepherds

We are praying for the flock.  We are praying for His Wisdom to help us guard and direct the flock at this time while continuing to worship, honor and glorify our Lord.  We are reaching out to people that we believe may need contacted.  But don’t hesitate to call one of your shepherds if there is some way we can encourage or help you.  You may also have ideas that can assist His Kingdom at this time.  We want to hear these ideas.

Bruce Blackketter            406-794-8067
Eric Pedersen                    406-672-9585
Jef Sutherland                   406-670-2437
Mike Monday                    406-671-8683


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