I Pet 3:15, Getting ready to defend our hope

Week-3 Handout … for the class-session on 05/05/21


   _1 We will refer to both Week-1 and Week-3 Handouts during this session.

   _2 For time’s sake, the format of weeks 3-5 will be modified slightly from

         the outline described on page-6 of the week-1 Handout.

      Tonight we will postpone the discussion of a second general principle

          that is applicable to all methodologies for “defending our hope”.

Session-3 outline

          Opening prayer

( 5 mins) Devotional thoughts

( 5 mins) Brief discussion of two enhancements to the basic methodology that

             was outlined in the Week-1 Handout.

(15 mins) Interactive-exercise related to “A Universal Problem” and

             “Universal Availability (to God’s soul-saving gifts)”.

( 5 mins) Homework for two weeks from tonight and any remaining



Devo Subject: Two applications from our central text (I Pet 3: 15) …

                 in addition to “always being ready”.


   What is the implication of a Questioner asking us to “give an account

      for the hope that is in [us]”?

      Why is this a particularly relevant implication?

   What two attitudes should be present in our defense?

      Attitude         To whom is this attitude directed?

      ______________   __________________________________________

      ______________   __________________________________________

Brief discussion of two enhancements to the basic methodology that

   was outlined in the Week-1 Handout.

   ENH_1  Applied to the “chains-list” which gets taped (or placed) in the

          inside-back-cover of your Chaining-Bible.

      This enhancement is based on the presumption that the Questioner will

        remember some texts that are shared more than others. 

      This same presumption may also impact the final SEQUENCING of the texts

        shared to present the Scriptural coverage of the sub-topic.

Original example is an excerpt from page-4 of the week-1 Handout …

   Main-Topic: Defending my hope (based on I Pet 3:15)


   Links of Horizontal-chain       First vertical-link   _____ _________-____

      Spiritual Authority           II Tim 3:16

      A Universal Problem           1st_Bk/Cpt/Verse

      God’s Soul-Saving Gifts       1st_Bk/Cpt/Verse

      …   …   …   …                 …   …   …   …

     (Counting the Cost)            1st_Bk/Cpt/Verse


   ENH_2  Applied to the final step in the Chaining process, marking texts

          from your sequenced list into the main-body of your Bible.

      This enhancement is based on the general principle we discussed last

         week as being applicable to all methodologies.

Original example is an excerpt from page-5 of the week-1 Handout …

Mt 28 …

          15                                                  Nothing

          16                                                  Nothing

          17                                                  Nothing

          18  And Jesus came up & spoke …                 ->  Prov 3:5

          19                                                  Nothing

          20                                                  Nothing


Homework for two weeks from tonight (“Be a Blessing” on Wed, 05/12/21):

   Build starter-lists of texts for sub-topic “Conditional Efficacy of God’s

      soul-saving gifts”

If there were some texts on your starter-lists for “A Universal Problem” and/or “Universal Availability (to God’s soul-saving gifts)” that were not shared due to time constraints, then please email your complete lists as was done in week-2 for “Spiritual Authority”.

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